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Meshtek-H52 Bluetooth 5 Ready Module with Bluetooth Mesh


MESHTEK-H52 Bluetooth 5 Ready 


ilumi’s MeshTek provides an elegant and affordable Bluetooth 5 Ready solution for manufacturers looking to quickly and reliably bring Bluetooth Mesh enabled IoT products to market.  With additional power amplifiers to increase range up to 120 meters, and over-the-air firmware updates, this module can support a wide range of applications while enabling new feature upgrades.

The MESHTEK-H52 Smart Mesh Module with integrated PCB antenna reduces development time, lowers manufacturing costs and eases certification. No RF expertise required to integrate this module. This complete platform solution includes software drivers, sample applications, API guide, user documentation and a world-class support.

The MESHTEK-H52 internal controller can be used for applications up to 64KB flash; without the need for external host MCU or software development tools.

Product Specs: 

  • Built-in antenna 
  • 1.7-3.6V operating voltage  
  • 512kB Flash / 64kB RAM 
  • Integrated 16MHz Clocks
  • Temperature range of -30°C to +85°C
  • 17mm X 20mm X 3mm
  • 26 GPIOS which can be configured to multiple UART, SPI, I2C, Analog Inputs & 4 PWM channels
  • FCC/IC, CE and BT SIG
  • BT 5.0 Ready 


Key Features:

Long Range connectivity up to 1 KM with Bluetooth Mesh

The MeshTek H52 High Power Module includes an integrated antenna and power amplifier that extends the open air range of the module up to 120 meters (+390 feet).  Each module can be meshed with another up to 12 hops, enabling much larger spaces and distances to be covered compared to traditional Bluetooth devices.  With the meshing enabled, you can send messages over 1Km by meshing the devices together over multiple hops.

FCC/IC, CE and BT SIG Certified

Bring your products to market quickly by leveraging the key market certifications needed and avoid losing time and money in the certification process.   The MeshTek H52 module has the key certifications you need, and can be upgraded to accommodate new standards and software to keep your devices competitive.

Real Time Clock

Each MeshTek H52 High Power Module features a real time clock for built in automation capacity.   Schedule your devices to turn on and off at specific times, as well as change functions.   For lighting applications, you can also utilize ilumi Solutions patented technology that will maintain schedules and settings, enabling seamless recovery from power outages.

512kB Flash /64kB RAM

With a large 512K flash and 64kB RAM memory, the MeshTek H52 module has more than enough memory to store code, meshing instructions, and cloud connectivity applications needed for IoT devices.

26 Unique GPIO’s

Each MeshTek H52 module includes 26 GPIO’s that can be configured as a UART, SPI, I2C, or  Analog Inputs.  In addition the module will also support 4 PWM channels for smart lighting and other LED applications.

Simple integration using ilumi Solutions Development Kit

Design, configure, and test your Bluetooth mesh product features faster than ever using the ilumi Solutions Development Kit (Link) and mini board (sold separately).  This kit enables you to test with multiple power supplies, such as USB and Battery, as well as easy connections to programmer boards and other devices.  These kits come with sample iOS and Android API software


ilumi MeshTek™

CSRmesh™ Module

Chip Set

Nordic nRF52832 chipset



Connection + Broadcast


Flash / RAM

512kB / 64 kB

Up to 64kB / 64kB

Mesh Data Size Support

Large size & high rates (Programs, schedules,  & themes)

Limited size & rate

Mesh Data Transfer Reliability



Firmware Update

Over the Air Update & auto-network propagation

Over the Air Update

Simultaneous Broadcast and Connection Based Meshing






Module to module open air range

Up to 400 feet

Up to 100 feet, standard

Proximity support



Built-in 0 to 10 V controller option



Built-in PWM switch controller option



Download Data Sheet for more information

Note: The comparison table is based on the best knowledge of the market data available as of 09/2017.